Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Slice the Price at Domino's!

Want to help Langford PTO raise funds AND reward yourself with pizza? Sounds like a deal, right? Here's how it works! Langford students are selling "Slice the Price" Domino cards for $10! The Domino's card entitles the owner to a 'Buy a Large Pizza, Get a Large Pizza FREE'....what could be better than that?!

 Well, I'll tell you! With the Slice the Price card,  for EVERY large pizza you buy, you get the SAME number FREE!!! Buy 1, Get 1 free... Buy 100, Get 100 free! You can use the card over and over again for the next 6 months
The Deadline is MAY 15, so ask a Langford Student or contact Langford PTO at langfordpto@gmail.com

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