Monday, August 14, 2017

Welcome back!

Welcome Langford Families to the 2017-18 School Year!  
Our staff has been preparing for the first day of school and we are looking forward to having our students back on campus on Tuesday, August 22nd. 
Our Meet and Greet Pop-In is Wednesday, August 16th from 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm. This is a great opportunity to sign up for after school care and after school activities, talk with transportation and our cafeteria staff, learn more about our PTO (Parent Teacher Organization) and SIC (School Improvement Council) events, drop off your school supplies, say “hello” to new friends or your old “LES friends”, and of course meet
your new teacher! Our Meet and Greet “POP IN” is a time for the entire family.  Children, parents, and siblings are welcome!  
We encourage you to pay all school fees online.  We will not be collecting school fees at the Meet and Greet so to pay your fees, please use the following link to pay through your parent portal:
If you are interested in your child's class assignment prior to Meet and Greet, you can log in to Parent Portal to see your child’s teacher assignment. This information will also be available at Meet and Greet.   Please remember that class assignments are subject to change up until the first day of school should we have changes in our
Richland Two is planning a special event. On Sunday, August 20th, Richland Two is having a BACK-TO- SCHOOL Night with the Columbia Fireflies! To order your tickets,
Enter code: Richland2  “Company” is Langford.  You can print tickets at home or pick them up at will call.  $2 from every ticket sold goes to our school.  We hope to see you there in your Langford shirt!
I looking forward to another wonderful school year where we create a strong love for learning, a fun and safe environment for all students to thrive, and a caring community that puts all student’s first. We are ready to Fuel the Flame!
Enjoy your evening,
Mrs. Jackson

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Top 11 Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions that really need answers?  We want to help! Check out Langford's Top  Frequently Asked Questions! 

Langford Elementary TOP 11 Frequently asked questions

1.Can I choose my child’s teacher?

No, we do not take specific teacher requests. However, if you would like to share with us what teaching style that your child needs to be able to excel and the unique qualities you are looking for in a teacher, then that is fine. Giving us information via an email message, phone call, or conference would be appropriate. Please know though that it is helpful for us if we know reasons why you would prefer that your child NOT have a certain teacher. Those reasons might include that he/she taught an older child, you are neighbors, he/she teaches your Sunday School class, etc.

2. How much is breakfast/lunch and what time is breakfast served?
Breakfast is served between 7:30am and 8:00am. The cost of student meals is: Breakfast – $1.00, Lunch - $2.60. The reduced lunch price is 40¢. The reduced breakfast price is 30¢. For more information visit Richland Two Food Services:

3.How many absences /tardies can my child have? 

 Attendance regulations limit the total number of student absences for any combination of reasons to a maximum of 10 days, which applies to all grade levels. We are required by law to effectively monitor student attendance. Any child arriving at school after 11:00 a.m. will be marked absent for that day. Students leaving before 11:00 a.m. will also be considered not present for the school day, it is imperative for academic growth that your child be actively involved in classes until 2:45 p.m. District policy states no child can be signed out of school from 2:15 until 2:45. This is for the safety of our students.

4.How will I know what school supplies my child needs for next year? 

 The supply lists can be found on the Richland School District Two website and our school blog.

5.Where is my child’s bus Stop? 

 Please visit the following website:

6. Can we bring cupcakes for my child’s birthday? 
 Cupcakes that are store bought can be brought to pass out during lunch time after students have eaten.

7.What can I do to help my child at home? 

 Read to and listen to your child daily. We also have a variety of websites you can visit listed on our website. You can also contact your child’s teacher and schedule a conference to discuss specific strategies to support your child at home.

8. What are school fees and how do I pay them? 

 As authorized by the South Carolina General Assembly, the district charges a general school fee. The fee is $15 per student and is required of every child each school year. Adjustments are made for students receiving free or reduced lunch. The money collected through school fees is used to buy instructional materials and supplies. Families with more than three students enrolled in our schools only pay a maximum of $45 (full pay) or $18 (reduced) for fees. Families can begin paying school fees as early as August 1st through Parent Portal.

9. How much homework should my child have? 

 Research tends to indicate about 10-20 minutes per night in the first grade, and an additional 10 minutes per grade level thereafter (e.g., 20 minutes for second grade, etc). It is also very important for your child to read daily.

10. How are the students assessed in the Related Arts? 

 The following is the effort chart used in related art classes. Students can earn a 1, 2 or 3 based on their effort on the assessments given. 1 is the highest score with a 3 being the lowest.


I stay focused and I work carefully on my assignments.

I answer questions and offer information.

I always use my time wisely. I always follow directions and classroom expectations. I was creative and showed excellent craftsmanship.


I work on my assignments/ I participate in class I sometimes answer questions and offer information I sometimes follow directions and classroom expectations I tried to be creative and show good craftsmanship.

3- I am often found not working or participating in class. I do not answer questions or offer information.

I do not always follow the direction or classroom expectations.

I was not creative and showed poor craftsmanship.

11. How does the morning and afternoon Car Rider line work? 

 The school's most important concern is the student’s safety. We would also like to insure smooth movement of traffic while on campus. We ask that family members please follow these guidelines:

Morning Drop off: Children should not be dropped off prior to 7:30 a.m. In the morning, we have one lane for car riders. All cars dropping students off should be in the right lane. Drive your car as far as possible in the right lane before dropping off your child and have your child exit the car between the brick pillars. This will allow for smoother movement of traffic in the drop off/pick up area. 6 cars STOP...6 LABS hop! Please have your child exit the car on the passenger side only, continue on the sidewalk and enter the building through the side door at the end of the walkway. A staff member is waiting there to greet your child as soon as he/she enters the building. If you plan to walk your child in, please make sure you use the left lane and park in the parking lot. Students cannot be dropped off in the parking lot. You will need to escort your child all the way across the walk way. He/she will need to use the side door at the end of the walk way to enter the building. If you plan to walk your child to class, you must sign in at the front office. Please be sure to bring your ID to receive a sticker using our Lobby Guard system.

Afternoon Pick up: In the afternoon, both lanes are used during pick up. The right lane is for picking up students in grades 3-5 and the left lane is for students in grades K-2 and their siblings. Please pick up children only along the sidewalk area of the driveway in front of the school. Please do not leave your car parked in the driveway area or leave your car to look for your child in the pick-up area. Drive your car as far as possible along the sidewalk before picking up your child. This will allow for smoother movement of traffic in the pick-up area. Your child will identify your car at the car rider area and will be allowed to enter your car when it is safely stopped at that location. Children will only be allowed to enter your vehicle on the passenger side. Students will not be allowed to cross over to the parking lot.

Please remember to stay in the right lane to exit campus and observe the speed limit on campus (10 mph).

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Langford Field Day

Throw on your tennis shoes, comfortable clothes, and grab a bottle of water. Friday, May 19 is Langford's Annual Field Day! Full of athletic activities, obstacle courses, and games- the day is bound to be a BLAST! 

Muffins for Mom

Calling all Moms! Langford welcomes you to our Annual Muffins for Mom breakfast.

Date: May 18, 2017 
Time: 7:00-7:30am.
Where: Langford Cafeteria

* The Bookfair will be open for you to shop as well. *

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

FREE WOW Health Festival

Spring Valley Clinical Studies students have partnered with the district to host the WOW (Working on Wellness) Health Festival on Tuesday, May 16, at the Richland Two Institute of Innovation (R2I2), located at 763 Fashion Drive in the Village at Sandhill, from 4:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. The festival is a free, family friendly event that has something for everyone. 
This event will include information booths, seminars, activities, demonstrations and screenings that will encompass all eight types of wellness. The goal is to provide a variety of opportunities that will appeal to all ages and encourage lifestyle changes to promote safer, healthier and more productive lives.

Highlights of the event include: bounce houses for children, free screenings, food samples, a variety of seminars and safety demonstrations.
We hope you and your family will join us for a free, fun and informative evening. Please invite your neighbors, family, and friends to this fabulous event!

Monday, April 24, 2017

LabFest 4/28

Langford LabFest

Friday, April 28

5:30-8:00 pm

Wristband Pre-Order $7.00
Each wristband includes unlimited Bounce Houses, Maze, and Unlimited Games!

Last Day to Pre-Order Wristbands is April 16.
All pre-ordered wristbands will go home with students on Thursday, April 27.
(Wristbands will be $10 at the door)

Enjoy special performances by Langford's very own Hula Dancers and Tae Kwon Do students!

Bring Extra Cash for *Tickets and Food Vendors!!

*Tickets can be used for Raffle Items, Balloonopolis, Cotton Candy, Dunking Tank, and Face Painting. 

Silent Raffle Winners will be drawn at 7:30pm. 

Sponsored by Langford PTO

Bounce Houses Provided by VIVE Church