Friday, September 26, 2014

Message from Mrs. Jackson

You can tell Autumn is here! I hope you are all enjoying the cooler weather we are having. We have been learning a lot of cool things at LES. Students have been learning how to develop a hypothesis; identify the main idea of a text and support it with details, regrouping and the list could go on and on. Please take a moment and talk with your little one about some of the exciting things happening in the classroom this week.

It was wonderful to have so many of our parents attend parent teacher conferences on Thursday. It is our hope that teachers shared valuable information that will help your child be successful this year. If you were unable to make it, please contact your child's teacher and they will be happy to set up a time to meet with you. Parent Teacher conferences help to build strong partnerships between home and school, and are vital to the success of our children.

Skate Night at Skateland was a lot of FUN! We had a great "turn over"...young labs rolling around on four wheels. It was great to see all our children, teachers, and parents having a wonderful time. Congratulations to Ms. Ryant's class. They won the Pizza Party last night by having the most participation. This is just one of the many events sponsored by the PTO to help create fun and safe opportunities for the family/community to enjoy. If you missed Skate Night, do not worry, we are planning several more exciting events for you get involved in.

Thank you for all of your "Effort" in helping us raise money that will help support the Walk for Life and breast cancer research. I know that many of our labs are excited and cannot wait to see who will kiss the pig, Dr. Garner or Mr. Royce ( not Mrs. Jackson :)  ) Have a wonderful weekend Langford Families. Please make sure you enjoy a little family time this weekend!

Mrs. Jackson
This week's Fun Friday activity for our Breast Cancer fundraiser was "Put a Cap on Cancer!"

You still have time to join our Team or donate to a wonderful cause!
Please visit our Team Langford page HERE

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Thankful Thursday!

We are so thankful for such a wonderful week of  learning and students giving their best effort!
Thursday, September 25, 2014 will be a very busy day for Langford students, parents, and staff.

The afternoon is reserved for Parent/Teacher Conferences. Please remember to bring your I.D. so that you can properly sign in to Lobby Guard, Conference times are a vital part of building strong parent/teacher relationships while learning about your child's academic progress. We look forward to seeing all of our great parents tomorrow. If you you still need to request a conference, please contact your child's teacher.We will have an early dismissal, 11:30 am. The cafeteria will serve breakfast and lunch to our students. The dismissal procedures remain normal, in that if you have a change in transportation, we will need a written letter with a parent's contact number. We appreciate your assistance with early dismissal. 

Tomorrow evening is this year's first Langford Family Skate Night at Skate Land, 800 Bookman Rd., Pontiac, SC. Admission and skate rental is only $5.00. The class with the greatest number of students present, will earn a special treat! Proceeds from Skate Night will be donated to our Langford Elementary Breast Cancer, Walk/Race for Life Team with Palmetto Health. 

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Say Cheese!

Langford's Fall Picture Day is Wednesday, September 24. These pictures will be used for our school yearbook. There will be purchase information coming home soon!

Welcome R2 School Board Members!

Tonight, Langford Elementary has the pleasure of hosting the September 23, School Board Meeting. We look forward to welcoming the Board, Richland Two employees, and members of the R2 family. 

Our Teacher of the Year, Kristin Siron, as well as fellow Teachers of the Year will be recognized for their dedication and hard work. Congratulations, Mrs. Siron! 

We would also like to share with you a video where students, faculty, members of the community, and parents brainstormed a brief word or phrase to answer the question... 

"What is Langford?" 

Monday, September 15, 2014

Parent Orientation 9/16/14

Langford will be hosting a Parent Orientation Night Tuesday, September 16, 2014 at 6:00. The event will begin with a brief meeting in the school cafeteria and followed by two break-out sessions. Parents will learn more about their child's daily routine, academic curriculum, strategies, and expectations. Teachers and staff will be available to address any questions and concerns that parents may have. We look forward to meeting with all of you!
You Just Can't Top the Langford Labs! 


It's always nice to be complimented or know that someone appreciates the things you do. In an effort to share a smile and take note of the "little things", Langford's staff took part in #YouMatterLangford. Our activity is based on the #youmatter campaign, designed by the University of Southern California. Everyone was excited to read what special things others noticed about them! Share a smile and a little note with someone to let them know why you think they matter! We would love to see your notes! Tweet them to us! @LangfordLabs  with #YouMatterLangford 
To view the pictures up, click here

Gratitude Campaign Badge
USC’s You Matter Campaign

Friday, September 12, 2014

Digital Langford News Fetcher

A Note from Mrs. Jackson

Nurse Notes! 

Parents, please check your children's footwear each morning. Recently, there have been several accidents and injuries due to improper footwear on the playground. Please remind your children that sandals, flip flops, clogs, soccer sandals and the like, are not good choices for active play in the school yard and physical education classes. We want our students to have fun and be safe while exercising at school! 

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Richland Two Takes on Breast Cancer!

It's nearing that time of year where we begin to see more and more pink... PINK for breast cancer awareness. Breast Cancer is a disease that each one of us has had to deal with in some shape or form. Statistics state that about 182,460 women and 1,990 men will develop breast cancer this year, with breast cancer being the second cause of death among women ( Those numbers are way too high! In an effort to promote awareness for this disease, Richland Two is joining with Richland One as Team Richland to participate in Palmetto Health Foundation's "Walk for Life/Race for Life: One Morning, One Mission". We would love for our Langford Family and Friends to join our school team, Team Langford, as we "Paws for the Cause!" on October 18, at Finlay Park. You can sign up to walk, run, or support our team here!

We would also like to invite you to "Nothing But Net." A joint event hosted by Richland One and Richland Two, to raise funds for Palmetto Health's Walk/Run for Life event.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Happy Labor Day!

There is no school for students and staff today. Labor Day is an annual tribute to the many contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of their country. It was established as a national holiday in 1887 by President Grover Cleveland. 

Enjoy a safe and happy holiday!