Monday, January 5, 2015

Parent Summit 1-8-15

Parent Summit 

 (sponsored by the School Improvement Council) 

January 8, 2015 at 6:00 pm

 Focus: Making Connections between SC Standards for Teaching and the Arts
 Welcome/Opening Session (located in the cafeteria)
(Music provided by the Doghouse Jammers)

Session 1- Read to Succeed/ Media Center Connection
Information will be presented on the Read to Succeed Act . Examples of best practices for reading  will be shared to illustrate the literacy connection in grades K-2.  Parents will have the opportunity to see how the media specialist supports reading instruction within the classroom.Kindergarten  students completed an author study which correlated with their class unit about Fall. Activities provided in the Media Center also supported a first grade unit on Map skills.   There will be upcoming events that support literacy in second grade.

Session 2- Healthy Snacks Initiative/ P.E.  Connection
A number of tools and resources are available to help schools identify food items that meet the Smart Snacks criteria. Information will be presented about the Smart Snacks requirement, helpful tools, and ways to encourage children to make healthier snack choices that give them the nutrition they need to grow and learn. Parents will learn how the healthy child initiative is supported through demonstrations with the Power Bar curriculum, and the types of forms for upper and lower body conditioning in grades K-5.

Session 3-   Bullying/ Student Council Connection
Activities will be presented that promote acceptable     behavior which creates a bully-free school.  Our school guidance counselor teaches critical social and emotional skills based on Six Pillars of Good Character. This focus promotes best  “EFFORT” at Langford. The student council will illustrate how Langford students in grades K-5 transfer these skills to real life situations.

Session 4- South Carolina Standards for Teaching/ Art Connection
The classroom environment must be structured in a     manner which captures and validates students’             wonderings. Inquiry should be embedded within and across content and disciplines. An overview of the new South Carolina Standards for Teaching will be given in this session.  Parents will get first-hand knowledge on activities that routinely engage students in the reciprocal process of inquiry as a means of learning. In this session, parents will also have the opportunity to learn what this process looks like within the Art classroom. Some examples include a third grade connection to South Carolina history by        studying and illustrating the works of the “Chicken Man,” and information about Langford’s  K-5 online art gallery called “Art Sonia.”

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