Thursday, December 4, 2014


The Hour of Code is coming to Langford (and to tens of millions of students across the world!)
Just what is the Hour of Code? Well, December 8-14 is Computer Science Week and to celebrate, people everywhere will be learning to code. Code is what makes everything possible with technology...creating software, apps, websites, etc.  According to, computer science careers are in high demand, yet, students aren't learning about it. Solution? Participate in the #HourOfCode! It's fun, challenging, teaches problem solving skills, and no experience is needed!
So get ready...the Langford Labs are! 
We are excited to participate in this awesome event and learn to code!

For more information about the Hour of Code, please visit
Try coding your own Angry Bird Game   or maybe....
Try creating your own Flappy Bird Game? 
Animate your name, make a card, or game with Scratch , developed by the MIT Media Lab

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